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Listed below are all relevant policy statements relating to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. From time to time policies are reviewed and therefore policies are subject to change.

Aboriginal Education Policy

Within the process of reconciliation, and recognising cultural traditions and values, aboriginal students have the opportunity to develop their full potential academically, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

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Our Lady of Mount Carmel School owes a duty of care to all students and as such foreseeable risks from anaphylaxis need to be minimized..

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Appointment of Staff

In the employment of all staff, the processes of recruitment and selection are key steps to be followed before any contract of employment is entered into.

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We believe it imperative the whole school community is educated and informed on a regular basis in the prevention and maintenance of asthma.

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Bullying and Harassment

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School has a responsibility to provide an educational environment that promotes the dignity and respect of the person and, therefore, aims to eliminate bullying and harassment in all forms.

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Child Abuse

The Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA) acknowledges that a goal of the Catholic school is that students should learn about their value as human persons from the time they enter a Catholic school community.

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Crisis Management Plan

An established contingency plan for managing traumatic incidents occurring in the context of school activities and in the school community.

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Dispute and Complaint Resolution

The School Education Act (174 1(d) requires an educational system to have a means by which disputes and complaints about the provision of education are resolved.

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Email and Internet Use

In recent years electronic communication has been introduced into schools predominantly through email and the internet. The availability of such resources provides the opportunity for schools to help students develop their full potential, spiritually, academically, emotionally and physically.

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Email Protocol for Students

Please observe the following rules and courtesies while using the email services at Our Lady of Mt Carmel School. Failure to do so could result in the withdrawal of your internet and e-mail privileges.

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A school evacuation plan should be displayed in every room in the school.

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Here at Our Lady of Mount Carmel we believe that homework is valuable and necessary.

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Occupational Safety and Health

The Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA) recognises that it is obligated under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (WA) 1984 (the OSH Act) to ensure the safety and health of all school-based workplace participants.

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Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care Policy infuses all aspects of school life and is aimed at enhancing the dignity of each person within our Catholic faith community.

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Privacy / Management of Confidential Information

This statement outlines the policy on how Our Lady of Mt Carmel School uses and manages personal information provided to or collected by the School.

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School Camps and Excursions

Where school camps and excursions are conducted they shall be undertaken as an integral part of the educational program of the school and shall overall reflect authentic Catholic principles and values.

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School Fees - Setting and Collection

While parents are asked to make a commitment to support Catholic education financially by paying fees and other charges, no distinction is made between families at Our Lady of Mt Carmel School based on financial circumstances.

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School Medication

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School owes a duty of care to all students and as such deems it necessary to have medical procedures set in place to cover all possible medical events and emergencies in our duty of care.

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School Uniform

The school uniform is to be worn to promote a sense of belonging, pride of self and pride of the school.

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Selection of Appropriate Texts in Catholic Schools

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School aims to help students integrate culture, faith and life. It values culture and fosters its critical transmission.

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Student Enrolment

In Western Australia, the Mandate of the Bishops requires the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia to make Catholic school education available to all Catholic children, insofar as this is possible.

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Student Management

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School‟s Student Management Policy is directly in line with our Pastoral Care Policy and includes statements on discipline that establish clear guidelines for students‟ behaviour and challenge them to self discipline.

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Swimming Activities

Teachers must be vigilant to not only prevent accidents but most significantly, in the case of aquatic activities, be prepared to respond quickly in an emergency to ensure that the rescue is executed immediately.

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Children are encouraged to be guided by the value of:

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